Tip:                                                                                                                         When registering your puppy of a rare color with AKC,  it is necessary to include two photos with the puppy application. The photos must be a front & side view. Label the back of each photo with the puppies registration number, date of birth, ànd the name the puppy will be registered under. Also include your name and contact phone number, should AKC should need to contact you. Address the envelope as follows:
American Kennel Club
Attention: Special Services
P.O. Box 37902
Raleigh, N.C. 27627-7902
In order to process the paperwork more quickly, use the AKC color codes below: 
Liver Tan-124
Liver Pepper 498
Black Silver-016
Salt Pepper- 167
Parti (markings section) 038

All puppies are sold with a "limited AKC registration." This means you have all the benefits of the AKC registration, except you cannot register any puppies that you may have from my lines through accidental or intentional breeding.



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